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            A large global supplier of lithium carbonate and the largest domestic servo motor manufacturer

            JIANGXI SPECIAL ELECTRIC MOTOR CO.,LTD. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of lithium products, intelligent electromechanical products and electric vehicles, a backbone enterprise in the national electric motor industry and one of the top 100 enterprises in Jiangxi Province.

            Stock Code:002176

            • 1.7billion

              Registered Capital

            • 8.9billion

              Total Assets

            • 3000more

              Number of Employees

            • 100million tons

              Lithium Resources

            • 30000tons

              Annual capacity of lithium carbonate

            • 200more

              Qualifications and Honors

            • 200more

              Patented Technology


            Lithium Industry

            Lithium mica preparation of lithium carbonate domestic industry standard drafting unit

            The pioneer in lithium mica preparation of lithium carbonate

            Leading domestic lithium mica preparation scale

            2mining rights
            5prospecting rights
            30square kilometers of mining area
            100million tons of resource reserves
            4lithium carbonate preparation production lines
            30000tons of annual production capacity
            8invention patents
            8utility model patents

            Electric Motor Industry

            National high-tech industry

            One of the few manufacturers with a complete range of specifications in the same industry

            The sales share of several motor products is among the top in the market segment

            5national key new product projects
            4National Torch Plan projects
            3national science and technology innovation fund projects for small and medium-sized enterprises
            19invention patents
            153utility model patents
            26design patents