Social Welfare

Enterprise development originates from the society, and it is the responsibility of the enterprise to return to the society. The company is committed to continuously improving the social value of enterprises, and while striving to develop its own economy, it actively participates in social welfare activities in the areas where it is located, such as science, education and health, community construction, poverty alleviation, ecological protection, and service to the three rural areas, and makes positive contributions to the local public welfare with practical actions. The concept of charity has long been integrated into the blood of Jiangte people and has become an important part of the corporate culture of JiangteMotor.

Integrating the concept of social welfare into corporate culture, bringing volunteer services closer to the grassroots and the people, and sublimating corporate culture in public welfare activities is both the highest level of social welfare reached and the best path to enrich the connotation of corporate culture. The company has practiced such a public welfare concept through such practical actions as voluntary blood donation, donating some clothes and books to children in mountainous areas, calling on party members to walk 10,000 steps a day and donating steps through Tencent's public welfare platform.